Its quite thick and has a gelatin-like consistency but still manages to absorb fairly well if you take time out to gently pat it into place or even smooth it delicately under your eyes. I apply a little dot under my eyes and I gently smooth it on with my ring finger and proceed to pat it into place. It remains quite wet for a minute or so after application which means I wait a few minutes before applying my makeup but this isnt a problem as I typically apply my skincare after I shower so, i get dressed and proceed to. Apparently, it addresses puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dryness. It excels at addressing dryness since it contains a healthy amount of snail secretion (no snails were harmed in the making of this product) however, i wouldnt say puffiness was diminished after using it for several weeks. I dont think it does much in the way of treating wrinkles or finer lines but it will make them look better.

la mer gel moisturizer review eye gel but i actually didnt experience any cooling when using it and Im fine with that because ive never really felt that cooling really adds anything beneficial to a skincares formula aside from feeling nice. This is an eye gel but the texture is quite thick. When I think of gel i automatically think of a water-based formula that absorbs quickly. This is not that formula.

This is also gives both of these eye creams their gel-like consistency that applies, spreads, and absorbs easily which in turn makes it a very good texture for use under eyes. Denese version has a good deal of better anti-aging ingredients compared to volition beauty helix AM/pm eye gel and is also cheaper by around 3-5 however, this doesnt mean you should right off Volition beautys formula since it contains a snail Secretion which. None the less, i think. Deneses version is worth mentioning here since her version is the superior of the two formulas. Volition beauty helix AM/pm eye gels formula came as a surprise for me as the way it was promoted it seemed unique and innovative. Imagine my gedroogde surprise when I realized I had already tried something almost identical to it. As a huge, massive, die hard fan. Deneses excellent skincare i was quite intrigued that no one had mentioned the similarities between voilitions and. But I digress, let me tell you my thoughts on the helix AM/pm eye gel formula. Not everyone is going to love this formula!

la mer gel moisturizer review

Creme de la mer: a review and Ingredients overview

Volition beauty helix AM/pm eye gel (52) is an eye gel that preps for laserontharing concealer and makeup while promoting healthy looking eyes with a formula rich in collagen, elastin, and glycolic acid. I actually purchased this after seeing an ad for it on Instagram. I know, i know I shouldnt give in the silly advertisement but the video they showed was rather intriguing which left to my purchase. Im probably as obsessed with eye cream as i am with concealer and I have several different ones in constant rotation as Im of the firm belief triangle that you can make your aging eyes look years and years younger so long as you have. Im not under not illusion that an expensive eye cream is going to banish my dark circles, finer lines, and puffiness. I am however, a strong believer that moisture is the key to fixing many of these issues. Volition beauty helix AM/pm eye gel is actually very, very similiar. Denese med md 33 Clinical eye treatment Gel. Both products rely heavily on cyclopentasiloxane which is a form of silicone that acts as a primer of sorts to fill and plump finer lines.

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For blackheads or congestions, i love using the Glam Glow Supermud just around the t-zone area (because its so expensive lol). I leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off. Another similar product that i also love is the dermalogica Charcoal Rescue masque, which is more of an all-in-one mask that also exfoliates the skin. Its featured in my Pregnancy Acne skincare routine and February 2016 skincare favorites posts. Picking a moisturizer can be tricky in hot weather, for obvious reasons, and really depends on your skin type. My husband has oily skin, and the Artistry hydra v serum Concentrate is usually moisturizing enough for him, so he uses that as moisturizer. However, since i have dry skin (sometimes combination i do need a little more boost of moisture and hydration, but i opt for something very lightweight. . I love the lancome hydra zen nuit Anti-Stress moisturizing Night Cream for Summer because it smells wonderful and its very light and silky on the skin. Even though its marked as a night cream, i use it day and night, and my skin loves it!

la mer gel moisturizer review

I wont go into much detail as you can easily read this fun infographic about toners below: my current favorite toner is the dermalogica multi-Active toner, which is a cult favorite! Theyre sold in travel sizes deep too! My choice of treatment products really depend on what issue(s) I want to tackle and I honestly skip this step on most days, so i use these products only when needed. For acne, i swear by the dermalogica Breakout Control, featured in my Pregnancy Acne skincare routine post. Its a gel consistency and is very lightweight, it literally feels like nothing is on your skin!

I use this as needed, up to twice a day, underneath moisturizer and spf. For dehydration, i currently use the Artistry hydra v serum Concentrate, which is a very lightweight gel serum that sinks into the skin immediately after wanneer application. It simply gives the skin a boost of hydration without all the tackiness and slime. I use this once a day at night and always wake up to plumper and brighter skin whenever i use this. I also like the dermalogica skin Hydrating booster!

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Foam cleansers are amazing at stripping off excess oils, but stripping too much of the skins natural oils actually cause dehydration. The waar biotherm cleanser tones the skin too, so my skin is left at a very balanced state. If I have problematic skin (with acne and clogged pores i opt for the la roche posay effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser because it contains 2 Salicylic Acid. On days when I dont use a muslin cloth to exfoliate, i use the first Aid beauty facial Radiance polish in place of a typical gel or foam cleanser to exfoliate my skin. Toner is one step in my routine that ive just recently added. I find that it surprisingly made a significant difference in my skins texture and hydration level! Ever since i started incorporating toners in my routine, my skin is able to absorb vetten anything I put on top of it so much faster, and better.

la mer gel moisturizer review

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It has a cream thinner consistency than the eve lom so i think people with oilier skin types will appreciate the liz earle more. Even though my skin is typically normal to dry, i love using the liz earle because in hot and humid weather, balms with thinner consistencies will be better for the skin. My mom and grandma, however, swears by their evelom theyve been using it for years! So i think people with mature skin will love evelom more. When I dont want the fuss of using cloths, i use my holy grail cleansing oil, dermalogica Precleanse, and on days when I dont wear much makeup, i opt for the bioderma micellar Water. I love using gel cleansers in hot and humid weather because theyre very lightweight. My favorites for Summer are the Fresh soy face Cleanser, mentioned in my my skincare heroes post, and the biotherm biosource Fresh foam Hydra-toning Cleanser.

Evening: Remove makeup, cleanse, tone, treat/Mask, moisturize, its as simple as that! Heres a breakdown of all the steps and the products I currently use. Whenever i use makeup, i make sure i double cleanse no matter what. What is double cleansing? Basically removing makeup with a makeup remover and then using a separate face cleanser to cleanse the skin all over again. This ensures that all the oil, grime, and product residue are thoroughly removed. I currently like using a cleansing balm or oil with a muslin or washcloth. The balm/cream (when properly massaged into the skin) really breaks down all of my makeup; The cloth removes every single trace of it, down to the pores; The balm/cream is very moisturizing and thus wont strip the skin off of its natural oils (thus causing. Eve lom Cleanser (reviewed here ) so much, but the current rituals one Im using is the liz earle hot Cloth Cleanser, which is amazing too.

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(This is an updated version of a post i originally published on 6 February 2015 and ). In a hot-and-humid kind of climate, we often struggle to find ways to keep our skin clear and properly hydrated, but grease-free. Over-moisturizing can cause clogged pores and greasiness, but lack of moisture aardappels can cause dehydration and acne too. So, how do i keep my skin acne-and-oil free in hot humid weather? Related posts: Pregnancy Acne skincare routine, my skincare heroes, sephora favorites: skincare, how to make your makeup Last in Hot and Humid weather. The key is to keep it simple but effective, and to only use the most lightweight but hydrating products because dehydration can cause a lot of problems too, like acne and clogged pores/congestions. There are only five steps to my skincare routine: Morning: Cleanse, tone, treat (when necessary moisturize, sPF.

La mer gel moisturizer review
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