You need to be careful and work slowly. Step 4 remove the foil base. Remove the foil base and enjoy the mirror effect on your nails. How to do mirror nails with chrome powder? There are two main methods to create a shiny mirror effect by using chrome powder. Usually, the powder is applied over uv gel nail polish, but you could apply it over non uv gel nail polish and it is possible to apply it over regular nail polish as well. Here are step by step instructions: Step 1 Prepare your nails, take time and cut, file and shape your nails.

manicure good for nails is not too thick. Press down the foil and smooth it carefully.

The easiest way to create the mirror effect is to use chrome nail polish. It comes in different color zonder and you apply it just like any other nail polish. The beauty shops offer chrome nail polish in almost any shade from silver and gold to green, red, blue and anything in between so you can have a striking manicure with a modern sheen quickly and easily. How to do chrome nails with metallic nail wraps? You can create a mirror effect using chrome nail foil. However, working with foil is more difficult and requires the purchase of special materials as well as some experience. You can find chrome nail foil on-line or in beauty shops and when you have selected the color and have all the necessary items, you are ready. Step 1 Prepare your nails, file the nails in the desired shape, remove the cuticles, degrease the nail plate and polish. The surface of the nail should be perfectly even. Step 2 Apply a base, apply a base but be careful for the color. It is important that the chosen color does not shine through the foil, but on the contrary, saturate.

manicure good for nails

Chrome nails with amazing optical effect how

Chrome nails, also known as mirror nails, are one of the latest and most spectacular nail designs with an amazing optical effect. Well-groomed hands with beautifully shaped nails speak for laser themselves. Every woman tries to give her manicure an effective and vivid appearance, using juicy shades, unusual textures and original methods of decoration. Chrome nail art appeared on the podiums and glamorous celebrity parties and quickly became widely popular. The effect of a mirror on the nail plate, also called metal nails, is a good choice for those who want to be noticed, to attract attention, since their manicure will shine under the lights. This is also the perfect nail design for a new years eve party and any other festive occasion or event when you want to look irresistible and could afford a bit of extravagance! There are different techniques and ways to do chrome nails at home. Obviously, you could go to a nail technician, but those of you who prefer. Diy nail designs can choose which of the methods to use and give it a try.

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manicure good for nails

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manicure good for nails

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