The city is known for its mild climate, hokkien culture and Gulangyu island, as well as its relatively low pollution. In 2006, xiamen was ranked as China's 2nd-"most suitable city for living as well as China's "most romantic leisure city" in 2011. Contents The area around xiamen bay appears as Tong'an in some han records. Xiamen Island was described as jiahe Islet. . It received its present name from the xiamen Castle erected on the island by Zhou dexing in 1387 during the ming. 5 The name was formerly written using the Chinese characters meaning "Lower Gate". When its port prospered under the qing, the name was considered unrefined and changed to homophonous characters meaning "Mansion Gate".

what to do in xiamen large-scale emigration of Chinese from southern Fujian who spread hokkien -speaking communities to singapore, malaysia (especially in Penang indonesia ( Medan and riau province ) and the Philippines. The overseas Chinese continue to support xiamen's educational and cultural institutions. As part of China 's Opening Up Policy under Deng xiaoping, xiamen became one of the original four special economic zones opened to foreign investment and trade in the early 1980s. Its former harbor was enclosed using land excavated during the city's expansion.

For other uses, see. This article is about the city in China. Xiamen, formerly romanized as, amoy, is a sub-provincial city in southeastern, fujian, china, beside the, taiwan Strait. It is divided into six districts : Huli, siming, jimei, tong'an, haicang, and. Altogether, these cover an area of 1,699.39 square kilometers (656.14 sq mi) with a population of 3,531,3. The urbanized area of the city has spread from its original island to include parts of all six of its districts, with a total population of 1,861,289. This area connects. Quanzhou in the north and, zhangzhou in the west, making up a metropolis of more than five million people. Jinmen or Kinmen Islands administered by the, republic of China lie less than 6 kilometers (4 mi) away. Xiamen Island was considered to possess one of the world's great natural harbors in Yundang bay, but cream Fujian's international trade was long restricted to quanzhou or to guangzhou in guangdong.

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what to do in xiamen

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water sports in xiamen have gaining more and more popularity, not only because of its geological advantages, but also thanks. What 's on in xiamen : laser Things to know this fortnight news xiamen News Kinmen News quanzhou news fuzhou news Fujian News China national. Born in Xinjiang Province, wang lu is now a dedicated and part-time model with XM80spr., Ltd (80) in xiamen, fujian. We selected the top things to do in xiamen for you, like gulangyu island, nanputuo temple, hulishan Fortress, yongding Earth buildings. cold War political tensions by shelling nearby islands from xiamen in what became known as the first and Second taiwan Strait Crisis. Book flights to xiamen with klm to explore romantic Gulangyu island, visit the nanputuo temple and enjoy stunning nature. Rezervujte si hotel v xiamen. " mainland coaches." Hong Kong International Airport.

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Sit and wait to experience one of the greatest spectacles of nature as wox has picked the 19 best sunrise spots in, xiamen. Sharing roads among motorists, bikes, and pedestrians in, xiamen is not always a treat. news xiamen News Kinmen News quanzhou news fuzhou news Fujian News China national News What 's On Entertainment Wine dine food health. Xiamen s laid-back ethos makes it distinct from its workhorse turquoise counterparts beijing shanghai. Below is our suggested itinerary for. The featured activities in xiamen like cruise around xiamen play golf, give you some ideas about what to do in xiamen and get the. Xiamen Shopping guide, you can find useful information of xiamen shopping, and know Where and What to buy in xiamen. What 's On general things to know changes in xiamen in may travel cover Page Travel in xiamen Fujian Travel All Travel News. Where to enjoy your watersports: sailing clubs in xiamen The club is based in xiamen s scenic wuyuan bay marina.

What 's on, xiamen is an online portal site rich in information about, xiamen and Fujian. We underarm provide news and events, including travel. cover Page Trade commerce news Expo news. What 's On China Products services sourcing in, china China business News Photo gallery. What 's on in, xiamen : Two major happenings in, xiamen. News what 's on in, xiamen : Two major happenings in, xiamen. Organized by China sourcing fairs, these China trade fairs are held in, xiamen to give global buyers the opportunity to meet.

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What to see and do in xiamen? Xiamen, the garden City on the sea, is a beautiful ideal destination flowing with many famous tourist attractions that never let you down. 1) Explore the history and cultural relics like hulishan Fortress, south Putuo temple. Xiamen City ; 2) be immerse in the intriguing scenery, varied-style of architectures. Gulangyu island ; 3) have a homestay visit. Yongding nanjing Earth buildings ; 4) In-depth tour to the most recette outstanding area for biodiversity conservation. 5) And many more featured activities with lots of fun are waiting for you.

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