Good science needs critics and sceptics. But these are not scientists disagreeing over mechanisms for climate change. Instead they are parties with enormous wealth and vested interests, especially in the oil industry, usually having nothing to do with science. They seek to sow doubt and coax the world into inaction, misleading people for their own short term monetary gain. In the last two chapters, wadhams rallies all the foregoing discussion of sea ice, climatic patterns, and the mechanisms that might link them, to discuss the global climatic effects we can expect in the future, and the economic and human spinoffs of these potentially catastrophic. He proposes an integrated arctic science to bring together scientists, policymakers and economists. Coming at a time when Arctic sea ice has thinned by over 75 and its extent in area diminished to record lows, this book offers a first-hand insight into the world of Arctic science.

a farewell to ice kopen reporting on the state of the Arctic. Wadhams enters into impassioned descriptions of the political inaction and lack of collective will in tackling the problem of climate change induced by human activity. He laments at one point, "But the unfortunate reality is that the global population, especially in the west, is extraordinarily reluctant to give up the conveniences of living in a fossil fuel world." This is food for thought for all readers: how much longer can. Another alarming reality we are told about is the growth of climate change denial organisations.

It will not just be farewell to ice, but farewell to life.". The book starts gently. In chapter 2 we are introduced to ice, "the magic crystal". Wadhams neatly describes some of the myriad ways in which the water-ice pair differs from most watch other common solids and liquids. He talks of different mechanisms of sea ice huis formation, that lead to rather different kinds of sea ice, ranging from what is called pancake ice, to the most important kind, multi-year ice. The tender affection the scientist has for sea ice is palpable even through his simple and lucid style of writing. After explaining the mechanisms by which Arctic sea ice effects global climate, the main theme of the book unfolds in full in chapter 5, starting with the greenhouse effect. Chapters 6 and 7 discuss respectively how yearly sea ice data points to an undeniable "Arctic death spiral and the accelerating effects of positive feedbacks within the Arctic system. This forms the core of the book, elaborating why we are nearing a stage where we must bid farewell to sea ice. The most terrifying feature of this "Arctic amplification" is aptly stated by wadhams: "we are not far from the moment when the feedbacks will themselves be driving the change — that is, we will not need to add more co2 to the atmosphere at all.

a farewell to ice kopen

A, thomas farewell manicure to, ice, a report from the Arctic by peter Wadhams

By peter Wadhams, peter Wadhams has been to the Arctic over 40 times, nearly every year since 1970. He is Professor of Ocean Physics at the centre for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. In a scientific career spanning five decades Wadhams has seen the object of his study undergo dramatic changes. A farewell to ice he shares with readers in a largely non-technical style, yet with many scientific explanations, references, and data, the view of a sea-ice expert on the current status and the future of Arctic sea ice. The fate of ice is inevitably intertwined with that of life on Earth. And the future does not look good. As Wadhams states in the closing chapter, "If we destroy our planet, we destroy ourselves. There is nowhere else for us. There is no Planet.

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a farewell to ice kopen

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A farewell to Ice, a report from the Arctic by peter Wadhams

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M: a farewell to ice

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A farewell to Ice: a report from the Arctic : Peter Wadhams

Alte meister des Bel Canto, omdat een aantal liederen in Arie antiche eigenlijk voor sopraan bedoeld zijn, verwijs ik voor alt/ mezzo uitgaven (met vertalingen en zie. Ook uitgebreide toelichting). Naar: alian Arias of the baroque and Classical Eras (Alfred Publishing) low alian Songs of the 17th and 18th Centuries (Luigi dallapiccola, volume i and II)- low te meister des Bel Canto (Edition Peters. 3348b)- alt/mezzo *Zoals reeds vermeld, is inmiddels van de drie delen van Arie antiche een nieuwe vijfdelige uitgave verschenen. Bij ieder deel -20 of 30 liederen bevattend- horen 2 CDs met begeleiding en uitspraaklessen van een native-speaker. De uitgaven bevatten naast de tekst ook vertalingen. Deze uitgaven zullen in de toekomst onderstaande vertalingen ongetwijfeld overbodig maken. Het is zeker toegestaan gebruik te maken van mijn vertalingen, maar het zou fijn whitening zijn als de bron dan ook wordt vermeld.

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Anthology of Italian song of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / Arie antiche (zie ook noot 1) : Vertalingen en overige uitgaven, anthology of Italian Song, arie antiche in tre volume. Arie antiche in 5 delen (nieuw!). La flora 3 delen 24 Italian Songs and arias, de belangrijkste inhoud van deze webpagina is de vertaling van de liederen zoals opgenomen. Anthology of Italian song of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (in two volumes editor: Alessandro parisotti (1853-1913 publisher:. In de Anthology staan dezelfde liederen als in de twee eerste delen van. Arie antiche a una voce per canto e pianoforte ( in tre volume editor: Alessandro parisotti, publisher: Ricordi; Ristampa 1993. De inhoudsopgave van de Anthology loopt echter niet helemaal gelijk op met die van de Arie. Arie antiche volume terzo bevat 40 liederen die niet zijn serum opgenomen in an Anthology of Italian song. Voor de vertaling hiervan verwijs ik naar de onderstaande informatie over de nieuwe, vijfdelige uitgave, van Arie antiche* ).

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