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plastic surgery jowls mini lift

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If youre interested in restoring youthful contours in your lower face and neck but want to avoid general anesthesia, invasive incisions, scars, and extended downtime, laser Lift could be right for you. Is there anesthesia involved in the laser Lift? Only local anesthesia is used. No general anesthesia or sedation required. Only numbing medicine is used. Are there incisions made? Only three micro incisions are made with a 1mm dermatology biopsy device.

plastic surgery jowls mini lift

The challenge with the external laser procedures was maximizing laser energy and heat to the deep layers tuintegels of the skin without burning and injuring the external skin. The results of external lasers for skin tightening were oftentimes unpredictable and disappointing to the patients and. The laser Lift has taken the technology of external laser energy and heating and applied it internally, directly to not only the under surface of the skin and dermis but also to the deep muscle, facial layers and muscle. The laser energy is directly applied where it needs to go to provide the maximum results and efficacy. How many surgeons in Iowa removal perform this procedure?

Robbins is the first and only plastic surgeon in Iowa to offer the laser Lift procedure. In fact, there are not many surgeons in the. Currently trained in the laser Lift procedure. Robbins is at the forefront of this technology and has trained with some of the leaders across the. In the laser Lift procedure and he is the only plastic surgeon in Iowa quadruple board certified by the American board of Plastic Surgery, american board of Cosmetic Surgery, american board of Facial Plastic Surgery and the American board of Cosmetic Laser Surgery. Who are the best candidates for the laser Lift? The procedure is an excellent option for people who want to look younger but who do not want or need an invasive surgical face lift.

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The effects of laser stimulation of collagen production and skin tightening is thoroughly accepted by experts in the field of cosmetic surgery and supported by numerous clinical and scientific studies. The results are amazing and long-lasting. The laser Lift approach makes the face lift triangles procedure dramatically less invasive compared to a traditional face lift procedure. Nothing this new and exciting has been introduced technologically in face lifting for over 20 years. Is the laser Lift procedure new? The laser technology is not new. The technology of how to deliver laser energy internally via the laser Lift is new technology. The technology of external laser treatments to the skin of the face and neck has been performed. The goal of external laser treatments is to heat the deep layers of the skin, heat up the collagen, denature and stimulate collagen formation to tighten skin.

plastic surgery jowls mini lift

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She will continue to see results for the eucerin next 4 to 6 months. The laser Lift is a quick, easy procedure with minimal downtime and the best tients are awake during the procedure. Individual results may vary, how does the laser Lift procedure work? Aging happens both at the surface of the skin as well as within the deeper supporting tissue of the face, known as the smas layer. During the laser Lift procedure, targeted laser energy is used to deeply and safely heat the skin and deeper smas layer beneath the face and neck skin. The laser energy promotes tissue coagulation and shrinkage. The smas and deeper layers are immediately tightened with continued improvements in collagen production and skin tightening in the 4 to 6 months following your procedure. The laser used in the laser Lift is the Precision tx, an Nd:yag 1440nm wavelength laser with a side firing fiber optic laser from Cynosure, a worldwide leader in laser based devices. The Precision tx 1440nm wavelength is absorbed by water and fat in the skin tissues causing micro bubbles at the fiber tip (cavitation effect) which produces bi-directional energy distribution and allows for more focused tissue targeting.

Robbins performs many of these surgical face lifts every year. Robbins also appreciates the fact that not all patients need, require or want a surgical face lift but are still bothered by age- related changes in the face and neck. Robbins offers an alternative to des moines and the surrounding area. The laser Lift at Des moines Plastic Surgery offers a new, technologically advanced option for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. In fact, the laser Lift is the newest and most exciting face lifting techniques to be introduced in over 20 years. The laser Lift at Des moines Plastic Surgery is a remarkable, technological breakthrough and provides outstanding results, reducing many signs of aging including: wrinkles creases kopen fine lines sagging skin jowls turkey neck double chin loss of jawline definition excess neck fat, the laser Lift also. The des moines Plastic Surgery patient below had sagging skin on her neck most of her adult life. The laser Lift procedure took care of it with one 30 minute procedure. Her post treatment photo below is one week from the laser Lift procedure.

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Laser Lift, minimally invasive laser face lift. No stitches, no scalpels, no scars. Look and feel young again, just 30 minutes to reverse the signs of aging. Until now, the only way to adequately address age-related changes in the lower face and neck was through surgical gazon procedures that required invasive incisions and prolonged downtime. Traditional face and neck lifts involve the use of a scalpel, incisions, stitches, and some level of scarring and risk. Oftentimes these surgical face lifts require general anesthesia. In a traditional face lift procedure, whether a classic full face lift, mini-lift, s-lift, neck lift or European lift, the technology and approach used is a decade old. The results are no doubt amazing and.

Plastic surgery jowls mini lift
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