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peelable black face mask

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If you want to spend 5 more for a bit more lasting power, the love liner is the way to go but the dolly wink is fine for everyday makeup and if youre on a budget. Amazon link :.23 usd free shipping, k-palette 1 day tattoo, super Black. This was highly recommended on the Internet, on Reddit,rs and other blogs and it has a #1 sticker from Customer Communications Inc., which seems like another Japanese product review company, for four straight years in a row. In other stores, it also has the #1 Cosme sticker. This is Super Waterproof and Super Black and I can vouch that it is! Compared to my Club Clio kill Black Brush Liner, its blacker and stays on longer after oil cleansing it off. This was maybe the best bang for your buck because its 1,296 Yen (11 usd) and beats out the dolly wink but its still comparable to the love liner. Amazon link :.49 usd free shipping, miche Bloomin False eyelashes,.

peelable black face mask

Its an overall okay mascara. Not going to be a repurchase but I wont cry over the 1,200 Yen (about.25 usd) it cost. Amazon link :.24 usd free shipping, msh love liner Liquid eyeliner Rich Black. This liquid eyeliner was on the more expensive side at 1,600 Yen (13.75 usd) but it has the #1 Cosme sticker as well as a #1 Ichiba sticker. I got this in Rich Black and I can vouch that botox its definitely a rich black that dries in seconds and does not budge. Its a brush tip (not felt tip) so its easier drawing lines without that draggy line felt tips sometimes deliver. Bonus, this comes in a pretty metallic pink tube and has a nice weight when you hold.

Amazon link :.50 usd free shipping, koji dolly wink liquid eyeliner, deep Black. This does not have a cosme #1 sticker but it was recommended by word of mouth a lot and had some decent reviews. This was on the ainz tulpe wall of most recommended products so i went for. Its one of the cheaper liquid eyeliners priced at around 1,200 Yen (10.25 usd). I have to say that its not the blackest black and comes out a smidge sheer but two coats of it takes care of that. I used an oil cleanser to get rid of the love liner and the dolly wink off my hand and the dolly wink started to melt away faster than the love liner.

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Theres a volume and Curl version but the long and Curl is most recommended. I love my volume but I decided to go with what millions have recommended. It supposedly gives great separation, keeps the curl, makes lashes long and ultra long-lasting. Plus, its at a great price! The price on Amazon is only.13 when its 1,010 Yen in Japan! Amazon link :.13 usd free shipping, shiseido majolica majorca lash Expander Edge meister Mascara.

Ive been wanting this mascara for a while because of its flat comb design and lash fiber technology. Majolica majorca is a shiseido brand so i trust it a little more than I would any other brand. This specific mascara is not a #1 Cosme ranked item but watevs, i wanted. Ive used it regularly now and it definitely needs 2-3 coats in order to separate and coat lashes thoroughly. Sometimes the fibers can get a little wonky and not stick on straight but you can fix it with the wand. Youll start to get spider legs after the third coat so i usually stop there.

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The only one i decided to hold off on was the. Moté eyeliners because i thought I had enough to test for a bit. I didnt pick up any eyeshadows because i just didnt need any but the shadows in Japan are generally more sparkly but the kate brand that seemed to have a nice blend advies of mattes, shimmers and satins. My favorites that i use everyday. Isehan Kiss me heroine make long and Curl Mascara, super Waterproof. This is maybe the most popular Japanese mascara mentioned online. The original is in a pink tube but its been updated in a sleek black and silver look.

peelable black face mask

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If youre camelia shopping as a foreigner with valid passport, there are clearly marked signs that your items are duty-free if you buy at least 5,500 Yen (around 55 usd) worth of items in one transaction. Some pharmacy items that are considered as medicine will not be duty-free. Also make sure that the counter youre lining up to pay is for duty-free. Eyes, lips, asian Sunscreens, japanese skincare, sheet Masks. Hair, bath, Pharmacy, etc. Random: nails, cat Items, Stationery, kitchen, character Items. Japanese cookies/Treats (Right Inside narita airport!). Eyes, japanese girls love to make their eyes cute, big and doll-like so eyeliners, mascara and fake lashes are overwhelming in tokyo. There were generally the most recommended eyeliners ive found online.

You can find most of these in wrinkled the matsumoto kyoshi, don quiote, loft (in Shibuya and Ainz tuple. I plan to do a must-go shopping post in tokyo too. Click below to see my 50 items! Damn, i did that much damage. Since 50 items is a lot, i tried to categorize my haul below. . Most of these items are shoppable through Amazon with minimal markups! Ive linked each product that I could find in each heading; these are affiliate links so please purchase through it if you find my information helpful. 100 Yen is pretty close to 1 usd conversion as a loose rule of thumb.

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I was in tokyo, japan for two blissful weeks and Im back with a pretty big haul to show you! I went in with a small list of most recommended products because i really didnt need to buy anything but still came back with a table full of kawaii (cute) makeup, skincare and random cat items! When shopping for cosmetics in Japan, look for the #1 stickers that are usually in shiny foil right on the plastic packaging. Its a safe bet if you want the best thing to buy. I generally stuck to popular drugstore items because theyre reasonably priced and theyve been vouched for by millions of users through Cosme, a japanese beauty community who rank products. I like to think of it like a japanese yelp but for beauty products. The haul below is probably what a lot of first-timers in Japan would also buy so check out to see if anything interests you!

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