Click to read the more detailed review on Ole henriksen Ultimate lift eye gel here. This hydrating and transformative eye gel was formulated by Ole henriksen, a brand that started offering spa services among discerning celebrities in Hollywood. Inspired by Ole henriksen s freshly grated cucumber treatment at his namesake spa, the cooling gel contains cucumber extract and red algae to soothe irritated, tired eyes on contact. Ole henriksen ultimate eye lift is the perfect anti-aging solution for summer. Ole henriksen Ultimate lift eye gel versus all alternatives: 1 person made 1 decision between this and any other product. Add an alternative on the right to see the winner. Read 1 customer review of the Ole henriksen Ultimate lift eye gel compare with other eye creams at review Centre. Ask a question about Ole henriksen Ultimate lift eye gel.

ole henriksen eye lift gel plump up, firm and smooth the eye area.

Restores elasticity and reduces crows feet and wrinkles. Creates an overnight moisture barrier to lock in hydration and plump skin. Key ingredients: bio-peptide El: Six unique peptides firm, restore elasticity and diminish crows feet and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid hi-lo blend: Hydrates, plumps and creates a long lasting moisture barrier. Liftonin-xpress (red micro-algae provides instant lifting, beautifeye (Persian silk tree extract targets upper eyelid and brow to lift and firm. Cucumber Extracts: Calms, cools and de-puffs, eyebright Extract: Fades dark circles and brightens skin. Directions: In the immobilien evening, apply generously under eyes, extend pampers upward toward temples and brow bone. For maximum lift, hold skin lifted with fingertip until gel sets. Incorporate ultimatelifttm eye crème into daytime routine for the ultimate 24 hour eye lift. Oles Tip: The delicate eye region is the area that will show the first signs of aging; care for the fragile skin to prevent and slow down the ageing process, by using my custom blended eye gel to provide lift that holds skin overnight. Ultimate lift eye gel will be available for 42 now at, sephora).

ole henriksen eye lift gel

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Hi, it's, finally arrived. The new and improved, olehenriksen ultimate lift eye gel has been reformulated with additional peptides and botanicals to instantly lift, firm and de-puff the delicate eye region goede overnight. Inspired by Ole henriksens freshly grated cucumber treatment at his namesake spa, the cooling gel contains cucumber extract and red algae to soothe irritated, tired eyes on contact. Pumped with a proprietary ultimate firming complex of bio-peptides and hyaluronic acid, the enhanced eye gel formula lifts sagging lids and brows, restores elasticity and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, while wrapping the delicate eye region in an overnight moisture barrier. Dramatically lift, firm and de-puff while sleeping make and wake up to refreshed, younger-looking eyes. Key benefits/Features: Contains 30 more peptides and 600 more botanicals. Instantly lifts, firms, cools, soothes and de-puffs.

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ole henriksen eye lift gel

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ole henriksen eye lift gel

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Ole henriksen eye lift gel
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